Why Coin Collection is Such a Ubiquitous Hobby

 There is something about coin collection that makes it one of the most popular hobbies in the world today. The fun of accumulating different coins, the thrill of seeing themes and possibilities emerging in your assortment of coins, and the fascination of starting to build a serious collection all probably have something to do with it. And another important factor that makes coin collection not just a hobby, but for many, even a money making prospect, is the fact that coins can be worth a good deal of money.

Take, for instance, the case of famous coin collector Harold Bareford. This gentleman bought a coin collection in the 1950’s for a modest sum of $13,832, which he later sold in the 1970’s for a not so modest sum of approximately $1.2 million! This is not to say that all collectors collect as an investment, but rather that all serious coin collections are usually worth a reasonable sum of money, simply because numismatic coins gather value over time, and bullion coins are inherently bought as an investment.

In fact, most successful coin collectors only even take up this wonderful hobby out of a love for building a collection and a passion for coins! People who intend to take up coin collection as a hobby with the mere motive of making money from it rarely succeed in building anything of real value. For people who are not so much interested in coins but in bullion, it may be more advisable to build a collection of bullion coins.

One of the reasons that coin collection has flourished as a hobby and become quite so ubiquitous is that there is a lot of support for this particular activity. There are numismatic societies, local and regional as well as national and international. The numismatic community is an actual gathering of collectors from all over the world, connecting through institutions like the various numismatic societies.

Another reason why coin collection is such a popular hobby may be because it is not just a hobby for an individual but can be enjoyed by the entire family. Coin collection involves learning about different coins, and learning about coins can teach you a lot about the society it was used in. For example, ancient coins can tell us a lot about the civilization or culture they were used in. Similarly, commemorative coins can help us chart the history of our nation.

Coin collecting can therefore be a fascinating activity for the whole family to engage in, learn from and contribute to. At the end of it all, you actually have something tangible that you have built together, and to top it all, it may even be worth a healthy sum of money. In these volatile economic times, a solid coin collection could actually even prove to be a huge investment for the future.

These are just some of the reasons why coin collection has caught on and become one of the most popular hobbies not just in this country, but all over the world.