Prestige Sets: a Buying Guide

Coin collecting can be a great hobby, not just for individuals but also for the entire family. For some people though, coin collecting can also be more of an investment, than just a hobby. Unlike plain bullion coins which are worth the precious metal they contain, commemorative and rare coin sets acquire worth based on their historical value, too. Rare coins can acquire quite a lot of value over time, and depending on their condition and demand, can fetch a tidy sum of money.

Prestige proof sets are sets of commemorative coins, sold together as a single object. They are essentially commemorative coins, but more exclusive. Proof coinage was historically made to test the dies, and also for archival. But they were made available to collectors and since then have become a popular concept, with several mints issuing them in larger quantities for coin collectors.

Prestige coins sets can be a sight to behold, as they are usually the finest coins produced in the mint. Since dies are cleaned and polished to the highest degree and repeatedly after few strikes, prestige coins tend to be much more polished, refined, with sharper edges and more intricate designs than normal circulating coins.

Most prestige sets enjoy huge success in numismatic circles. They can not only make for an excellent investment, but can also become a priceless part of your coin collection. Ever since prestige proof sets have been issued, they have been tremendously popular among numismatists and investors.

If you are new to the world of coin collecting, and are interested in buying commemorative coins, it is important to find out exactly what you ought to be buying, and this is especially true for prestige proof sets.

Prestige sets can be very expensive, so it is important to do lots of research about commemorative coin issues, and different prestige sets before you decide to invest in any particular one. You can find out about the various successful prestige sets minted by various mints around the world, and find out about more about the sets that interest you.

There are many resources for numismatists and beginner collectors online, and you can also find information about US Prestige Sets, in gold, platinum, silver and base metal. The US also produces mint sets along with proof sets. Mint sets are boxed sets of uncirculated coins, and not proof coins. While mint sets are usually nowhere close to prestige sets in value, sometimes there can be exceptions to this rule.

If you are thinking of buying a prestige set as an investment, it is also important to do research about how various prestige sets are faring in the market and what they are projected to be worth in the future. You can find lots of information and resources online, and could also turn to expert bodies such as the American Numismatic Society for more information.